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The COVID Chronicles

Updated: Aug 8, 2021


I live in the East Village of New York City. Every time I step outside my door, I am transported into the center of the universe. In early March, this feeling took a dark turn when the Coronavirus became a global pandemic, and NYC was unfortunately crowned its Epicenter. Like all of us, my emotions evolved from collective snow-day-giddiness, to despair, and now, to downright anxiety as the weight of what has landed literally on my doorstep settles in.

I intend to keep a running photographic account of events, sentiments, and moods as we all move through these unprecedented times together, with a focus primarily on the East Village. When I'm out photographing, I am very careful to adhere to our new social distancing protocols. I would love to hear your feedback and learn from your experiences as well. Stay safe, and stay sane.


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