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 About me

I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio where some of my earliest memories were watching lake-effect snow storms inundate my suburban environment, transforming an otherwise uninspiring landscape into a dreamworld. After a family ski trip to the Colorado Rockies, I became transfixed with open spaces. Nature and light made a strong impression on my early imagination and left me with an urge to capture and share this inspiration. After receiving a Polaroid camera as gift from my parents when I was five, I quickly realized it was the perfect medium for expressing my love for the natural world. 

My photographs are from the places I love that bring me peace and include scenes captured on adventures trekking, skiing and exploring distant lands but also include scenes from my own backyard in NYC and the East End of Long Island, NY.  

My images generally begin with an interpretation of my surroundings and a vision of what I wish to create. I consider a variety of dynamics such as weather patterns, atmospheric conditions, topography, the seasons, and even celestial mechanics to figure out how to work with the elements. Finally, an element of serendipity plays a role in all of my photographs. I hope you find appreciation in the foresight, long treks, failed attempts, and patience that underly these images. 

Thank you for stumbling across my portfolio and I hope these images inspire you take note of the small treasures in your own backyard. As our society is saturated with technology, we risk losing sight of the simple remedies in nature. Go find those local places that inspire you and lose yourself. Let yourself wonder.

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